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Parents must consider not only how divorce affects them, but also how it affects their children — both emotionally and financially. At Boeheim Freeman Law our skilled Tulsa Oklahoma Family Attorneys are experienced in all family law matters. We help you obtain a fair and reasonable child support arrangement that allows you to raise your child in a safe and healthy environment. Drawing on numerous years of experience, we help parents:

  • Understand child support guidelines

  • Negotiate child support through mediation

  • Litigate child support issues

  • Enforce child support orders

  • Modify child support orders

Child Support Litigation

In some cases, litigation is necessary for your child to receive fair financial support from both parents. Our Tulsa Attorneys leave no stone unturned in preparation for litigation in order to achieve the most equitable support arrangement for your child.

Working within Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines

Oklahoma law establishes general child support guidelines. Our Tulsa Family Law Attorneys will help you understand the basis of these guidelines and how they apply to you.

Using Discovery to Achieve the best solution

We’re committed to achieving the best possible financial solutions within the guidelines. That begins with using the discovery process to compel a full, truthful financial disclosure, so the court can calculate basic child support with accurate data.

Beyond basic child support

Some couples must deal with issues beyond basic child support, such as payments for private school tuition, sports and enrichment activities. The Family Law Attorneys at Boeheim Freeman Law will help you obtain support payments that best accommodate your financial circumstances and most appropriately provide for your child’s needs.

Child Support Settlements Through Mediation

Through the structured process of mediation, couples can put aside their differences and focus on the one objective where they tend to agree — their children’s well-being. Mediation presents a forum for creating fair child support plans that allow both parents to share in the financial obligations of raising their children. Our skilled negotiators can guide the process toward equitable solutions.

Enforcement and Modification of Child Support

If your spouse has fallen behind on child support payments, you may need assistance to collect the money that rightfully belongs to your child. At Boeheim Freeman, PLLP, we guide you through the process of enforcing your child support order.

Of course, financial problems or the changing needs of your children may alter your circumstances. Still, you must continue to pay child support at the current level until the court modifies your order. Our attorneys help you petition expeditiously for a modification to avoid undue hardship.

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