In order to protect your rights, do not consent to searches or give statements to the police.  If you are stopped or the police knock on your door; remain calm, don't offer resistance, be polite, and let the officers know that you do not consent to any form of search and you will not make any statements without your attorney present.

Be careful of police tactics that attempt to trick, bully, or coerce you into talking or consenting to a search.  They are not going to go easier on you if you give up your rights.  They are not going to let you go if you cooperate.  The charges and the penalties will not be less if you admit to something.  Ask for an attorney and shut up!  That is your best course of action. 

Hire an Attorney You Will Swear by, Not At!

The Risk You Face

Conviction of a criminal offense in Oklahoma can cause overwhelming problems.  A conviction can cause a loss of credibility, inability to work, curtail your future plans, impact your career, destroy your family and take away your freedom.  This is the reason you need a criminal lawyer who can defend your rights.  Choosing a reputable lawyer who will zealously advocate for you is essential if you have been charged with any type of misdemeanor or felony crime.

Statistics show that many people accused and convicted of crimes are innocent or at the very least over-charged.  Many people increase their risk of punishment by failing to obtain the finest criminal defense attorney possible to represent them in court. Incarceration and costly fines  can affect you for many years.  It is important to have the right professional criminal defense lawyer who will use their skill to protect your rights and defend you in all court proceedings on your case.

The attorneys at Boeheim Freeman Law realize your freedom should never be taken for granted.  From the moment we are hired to represent you in your case, you can rest assured that we will work diligently to build a tough defense strategy to win your case.  We know what it takes to get positive results.  Our criminal lawyers will represent you with professionalism and advocate for your freedom.

Why Hire an Attorney When You Can Hire a Team?

Making Matters Worse

Misdemeanor charges like driving under the influence, petit larceny, or domestic assault and battery might not seem to be that serious.  In reality, by not taking the initial charge serious enough, many people set themselves up for failure and risk being repeat offenders making future charges much more extreme.  Fines can become stiffer and jail time might be part of future sentences.  Even worse, many Misdemeanor charges become Felonies the next time you are charged.  Felonies involve more severe prison time and a stigma that is virtually impossible to erase.

Without a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to explain what avenues might be open to you in this situation, the court can ultimately throw the book at you.  This means jail time, loss of license, probation, extended community service, hefty fines and probation fees.  You don’t want to navigate this alone.  Hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you in court is your best chance of having many of these problems eliminated.

Never attempt to appear in court on any type of charges or accusations without representation by a reputable attorney.  When it involves any kind of criminal accusation, an attorney is your wisest choice for the best outcome. Your best option is to contact a criminal defense attorney in the Tulsa area that will defend your rights for the greatest possible alternative.

Choose an Experienced Attorney to Protect You

Don't Wait to Hire the Best Tulsa Attorney for You

Criminal charges in Oklahoma require an aggressive defense.  No matter the charges you face, it is important to have an attorney who will help you navigate the complex judicial system and provide you with a clear understanding of the charges you face.  When defending criminal charges, it is necessary to obtain representation quickly.  Many times the best outcome is formulated and negotiated early in the process.  The longer you wait to hire a criminal defense attorney  the greater the stress and the greater the advantage to the prosecution.

There are many different types of crimes that could be classified as criminal offenses.  These are serious charges and should not be taken lightly when your future and freedom are hanging in the balance.  If charged with a criminal offense, you could face fines, prison time and a criminal record that will affect the rest of your life.  A criminal record will stick with you forever and could deter you from potential employment and affect your ability to obtain housing, among other things.