Time to Reflect - Time to Plan

Time to Reflect – Time to Plan

The time between Christmas and the New Year is a time for reflection and planning.  It is a time when my husband and I ask ourselves if we have planned effectively to protect our children and ourselves in case of tragedy.

What if something happened to you that rendered you unable to make decisions or communicate your wishes?  Do you have an advanced directive?  How about a springing power of attorney?  Who is going to make decisions about your health?  Who is legally going to have responsibility for your children?  Who will make business decisions for you?  Will that distant relative, estranged spouse, or business partner really follow your wishes?  Hopefully the answer is yes, but do you want to bet your life on it?  More importantly, do you want to bet your children’s lives on it?  How do you prevent compounding unlucky misfortune into a horrible tragedy? 

Guided Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for people who are old or for people who are extremely wealthy. Estate planning is for any person who has other people that depend on them.   It does not have to be expensive or complicated.  It can start with two simple legal documents that insure that your healthcare wishes are followed and that your children will be cared for by the people you trust and not someone the government chooses.

Don’t procrastinate, start your estate planning now with a simple and inexpensive first step. At Boeheim Freeman Law we have experienced attorneys who can assist you in creating an advanced directive and a springing power of attorney that will protect you and your family. This New Year, commit to getting this done for the benefit of those you love most.

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Casey Johnson – Director of Estate Planning

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